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How did we get here?

After leaving the Navy in late 2015 and moving back to our home in the Great Smoky Mountains, we started off with a small pop up camper as a way to start enjoying the outdoor beauty that these mountains offer.  After several years of camping, several step ups in RV size, renting golf carts at many of our Florida destinations, we decided the Smoky Mountains needed a way for people to experience everything we love about the RV lifestyle , without having to jump all in.  Thats where Smoky Mountain Cart and RV was born.  After spending years being away from family in the military, and later working long days in an office, I realized that life was too short to be working for other people and missing those precious family times.  We decided that "experiences over things" was a thing we wanted to start living, not just thinking about. Our goal is to share the adventurous experiences that the Campground lifestyle can give us. Come join us as we keep learning how to get out there and just experience it all!


To help people experience a side of vacationing that may be new to them, to change the way they travel and explore with their family.  Let us do the heavy lifting and give yourself a chance to really enjoy that family time we all need.

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